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ECDD provides high throughput and high content screening services for cell-based analysis to identify active ingredients. Both academic and industrial researchers may investigate their own resources or access the available compound libraries at the facility. At the moment, the ECDD is equipped to run 96- and 384-well formats for cell-based assays.
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Our Services

C01: Compound Extraction & Compound Deposition

  1. Water extraction
  2. Ethanol extraction
  1. Active ingredients (Pinostrobin)
  2. Active ingredients (Pinocembrin)
  3. Active ingredients (Panduratin A)

C02: Human Normal Cell Cytotoxicity Tests

  1. Cytotoxicity Test in Human Kidney cells (HK-2)
  2. Cytotoxicity Test in Human Lung cells (NCI-H441)
  3. Cytotoxicity Test in Human Lung cells (Calu-3)
  4. Cytotoxicity Test in Human Skin cells (HaCat)
  5. Cytotoxicity Test in Human Liver cells (HepG2)
  6. Cytotoxicity Test in Human Stomach cells (AGS) 
  7. Cytotoxicity Test in Human Large intestine cells (CCD-841-CoN) 
  8. Cytotoxicity Test in Human Small intestine cells (HIEC-6)
  9. Cytotoxicity Test in Human White blood cell (THP-1) 
  10. Cytotoxicity Test in Human Neuron cells (SH-SY5Y)

C03: Biological Assays - High Throughput/Content screening​

  1. 2D anti-colorectal cancer cells (HCT116)
  2. 3D anti-colorectal cancer cells (HCT116)
  3. 2D anti-colorectal cancer cells (HT-29)
  4. 2D anti-breast cancer cells (MCF-7)
  5. 2D anti-breast cancer cells (MDA-MB231)
  6. 2D anti-lung cancer cells (A549)
  1. Anti-skin cell inflammation (HaCat) 
  2. Anti-lung cell inflammation (NCI-H441)
  3. Anti-lung cell inflammation (Calu-3)
  4. Anti-colorectal inflammation (HIEC-6)
  5. Anti β-cell inflammation (Min-6)
  6. Anti-stomach cell inflammation (AGS)
  7. Anti-gingival cell inflammation (HGF-1)
  8. Nitric oxide (NO) production 
  1. Oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC)
  1. Anti β-cell apoptosis assay
  2. Kca3.1 activity assay
  3. Insulin secretion assay
  4. Anti-angiotensin converting enzyme

C04: Mycoplasma test & Molecular biology

  1. Mycoplasma test

MA: Scientific Instruments & Analysis

  1. Imaging and Analysis by High content Screening (Operetta)
  2. Isothermal titration calorimetry (PEAQ-ITC)
  1. Microplate reader (Envision)
  2. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  3. Gel imaging (Omega Lum G)

Research collaboration consultancy


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